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Caliber RAM

Caliber has traditionally been a 'summer sales' company. We have professional sales reps draft area, recruit teams, then seasonally move to that area typically for a summer. While this model is awesome and fun and still available, Caliber is taking on a new approach with Solar and we believe it's one of the main ways to truly dominate with Solar.

RAM stands for Regional Area Management and our RAM program allows Solar Pros to go and own a market. Solar Pros, Regionals and Teams that own their market in Solar and work year-round have 3 times the results as the traditional summer sales model. That's why we believe this is the new way forward and a great opportunity for anyone looking to pick a location and win there, year-round.

Caliber Blitz

Caliber has launched a new program this year for Solar Pros and Teams who want to organize a short-term (10-15 Days) area blitz. This is our short-term Traveling Solar Sales program and a new blitz is happening nearly every week. Ask your manager or regional on how you can participate in one of the upcoming blitzes.

Caliber Internship

Our internship program runs parallel to our traditional 'summer sales' program. We are currently partnered with over 20 Universities, including Purdue, UT Dallas, Ohio State, The University of Arizona, and UC Riverside, and send hundreds of college students across the country. Our sales program and training has been throughly reviewed and researched by these leading universities and our sales professionals have historically risen to the top of their class after their first summer.

Our Average Summer Intern Earns: $38,895 in their second summer.

Events Program

Along with our RAM program, Caliber has deep ties in Events. From homeshows to your local state fair, Caliber has done it all and found great success with our previous products. We've been testing Solar at these events and we've averaged 17.3 qualified sets per day per event.

Event's bring people willing and able to spend money to improve their home and overall life, Solar is a perfect fit and the warm environment makes setting leads and getting the bill super easy and very profitable.

If you're interested in joining our events program please email Chris Chavez (


Caliber has a program for you. We offer a great amount of versatility and allow our Solar Pros to fluidly try different programs. The average Solar Pro joins us for a summer and then when he/she returns, and they're not a student, they transition to our RAM program. Once you see the reward for the effort, selling solar becomes a no brainer. Once you see our systems, competitions, and culture, Caliber becomes a no brainer.