2021 Production

Tested, Trusted, Respected.

People lie, numbers don't.

Caliber has been building, developing and growing sales professionals and leaders for over 18 years. Each one of those years we have had hundreds of sales professionals tap into our program and find incredible success. To stay in business for 18 years you have do clean business, always pay people, and be adaptive to the professional sales landscape. While we're not the first company to 'transition' to Solar, we brought our years of relationships and 100 of our best to prove the model. That was our 2021 and we're excited to share the results of our experiment with you.

2021 Production:

And we're just getting started

With our first year under our belt, we're excited to have fully transitioned the rest of Caliber to Solar. This means we should 5x the numbers above. 2022 will be our biggest year as a company and we want to share that success with you.

Our missions is to: Empower individuals to accomplish more and win more than they ever thought possible.

We've been successfully helping people hit new levels since 2004 - that's only going to continue now that we've completely transitioned to selling solar.

The Caliber Advantage

— Travel with our blitz program or own your market and work where you live; the choice is yours and never 'set in stone'

— Embrace your spirit of a champion with our comprehensive competition's structure. We compete every month for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

— Experience the adventure of a lifetime - Every year Caliber travels across the world to celebrate a year of huge wins.

— Family and 'Bro' Focused - Caliber has 6 divisions spanning across 28 states. We have teams with nearly exclusive Pros who are married with kids and we have teams of Pros who are young singles. Regardless of your personality there's a group of like-minded people you can tap into and build a career with.